Established 2017

a little coffeeshop doing big things

Katora began when April met Christian. With deep roots in community – their dream has always been to offer a safe space supportive of recovery, mental health, LGBTQ+, the arts, and music. Katora Coffee is a plant-based cafe serving organic coffee and tea and is thriving in downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Our locations

615 Caroline Street FXBG VA

Katora Coffee

Rescued a local coffeeshop on the brink of closing. Ended up building a community safe space open to all.
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615 Caroline Street FXBG VA

The Lab at Katora

Spent years as a DJ. Music is my therapy. It only made sense to partner with talented engineers.
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University of Mary Washington

Katora Cafe UMW

An opportunity of a lifetime presented itself after two years in business – assume the contract of a University cafe.
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